After Parties

After Parties

You can rely on EcoGreen Cleaning Services to take care of event’s clean up needs.

What’s included with our After Party services:

Depending on how big your event is we can provide you with as many staff members as you like to request. All and every single party specialist knows exactly the flow and dynamics of this types of events which gives you peace of mind.

Every time we clean after a party, we’ll provide services that include and are not limited to the following:

  • Color Coded cleaning ToolsIt help to prevent cross-contamination between areas. Example: we are extremely careful to make sure all rags, containers and brushes that we use to clean a bathrooms are never used to clean a kitchen. This is something that is normally overlooked acrossed most cleaning companies.
  • Party RoomTables and chairs cleaned up and put away, floors swiped and cleaned & garbage removal
  • KitchensSurfaces cleaned up, cleaned dishes, kitchen floors cleaned up & garbage removal
  • BathroomsFloors cleaned up, toilets cleaned up, tiled walls cleaned up & bathroom fixtures and mirrors cleaned up
*Booking: We recommend booking your After Party Cleaning event with at least two weeks in advance!
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